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Syrius Robotics Will Provide Robot-as-a-Service For Japanese Fashion Retailer WEGO

March 02 , 2021

Japanese fast fashion retailer WEGO has made a 2-year subscription of AMR-based warehousing logistics service from Syrius Robotics. Syrius will provide automation solution including intelligent robots, IoT cloud platform and full-cycle tech support for the former. This is the first RaaS(Robot-as-a-Service)client Syrius landed since introducing the program in late January. 


To better combine robotics and AI technologies with logistics expertise, Syrius jointed forces with logistics company Keycrew to launch a joint venture named ROBOCREW specializing in RaaS business. Starting from WEGO’s case, ROBOCREW expects to deploy 1000 AMRs in Japan by the spring of 2022. “We hope to address customers' automation needs as a ‘robotics operator’, diving deep into end-to-end service capabilities and generate achievable customization,” says Adam Jiang, founder and CEO of Syrius Robotics.


Combining robotics and AI technologies with logistics expertise, ROBOCREW specializes in AMR-based RaaS

WEGO is a high street clothing brand targeting at young consumers with near 200 chain stores across Asia. Due to raising popularity and booming of online shopping, traditional warehousing model can no longer support its business growth. Therefore, the retailer has been seeking to breakthrough efficiency barriers for fulfillment and warehouse management.   


Syrius provides a RaaS program designed specifically for e-commerce and retail warehousing with dedicated robot (picking-assistant AMR FlexSwift) and softwares. Service covers from solution customization, system integration, robot deployment, engineering support to operation. Customers can enjoy automation on a subscription basis, greatly reducing infrastructure costs while achieving dynamic scalability. 


At least 30 Syrius AMRs will be joining the workforce at WEGO’s warehouse in western Japan. While autonomous mobile robots help boost up daily operations such as picking, sorting, shelving and packing, IoT cloud platform FlexGalaxy generates integrated data visualization panel in real time, realizing intelligent warehousing productivity with power-ups on and off the cloud.


WEGO store at Harbour City, Hong Kong 

Since the past year, Syrius has worked intensively to scale up the “richness” of AMR automation. In addition to self-developed OS, software applications and IoT cloud platform, it also cooperated with leading Chinese WMS manufacturers like G-Wall for system integration and AITT (Academy for Advanced Study on Information Technologies) of Peking University to drive next-gen AMR innovation.


“Syrius aims to make AMR as connected and user friendly as smartphones,” Adam Jiang explains. In the upcoming future, Syrius will devote more efforts to developers community and ecosystem surrounding AMR. 


Founded in 2018, Syrius has offices and OpenLabs in Beijing, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Tokyo to deepen collaboration with Asia-Pacific partners. In May 2020, Syrius completed A+ round financing led by Sequoia Capital. 

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