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Current Operations Giving You Headaches?


Human error increases management burden facing strict policy requirement 


Fulfillment pressure from both consumers and EC platforms


Practicing mixed business model of B2B and B2C fulfillment 

Intelligent Warehousing Solution


Robots in the field

  • AMR-guided operation: Using customized software for pharmaceutical warehousing, robots will guide, supervise and check employees' operation at every step, ensuring maximum accuracy.

  • AMR-assisted picking: More efficient pick-while-sort with robots joining the team. AMRs take care of task routing and freighting, employees no longer have to walk through the entire warehouse, instead they focus on picking in designated zones. 

  • Versatility: AMRs can support various workflows from order picking (pick-while-sort).


Operational Intelligence in the cloud

  • Live dashboard for overseeing warehouse operation, from progress, efficiency to heat maps. 

  • Actionable insights generated by AI analysis, including dynamic stock replenishment plans and inventory location optimization. 

Implementation and scaling

  • End-to-end solution implemented within 2 weeks.

  • Fits into existing layout and racks easily (AMRs can work in narrow aisles), no interruption during deployment. Even if the warehouse is relocated or racks are rearranged, AMRs can join the workforce after simple configuration. 

  • System ensures scaling up and down is effortless, robots are "at your service" almost right out of the box, with no need for complicated configuration, coding or setup. Subscription-based RaaS program is also provided for immediate productivity boost without massive infrastructure investment.


Major pharmaceutical retailer in China

  • 16 AMRs deployed in customer's fulfillment center, implementation done within 1 week.

  • AMR-assisted order picking conducted instead of traditional total picking. 

  • 200% delivery efficiency achieved.

  • 50% of labor saved. 

“Syrius' solution is a great first step for digitizing our warehouse. More importantly, the flexibility of the solution has brought a visible productivity boost.”

—— Senior Executive

“Robots and human employees can be easily coordinated as a whole system, while the operation process becomes more regulated. The real-time dashboard is also very helpful for daily management. ”

​—— Warehouse Manager


Unleash the Potential of your Warehouse





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Account of FlexGalaxy Intelligent Warehouse System

FlexComet AMRs up to 4 units

On-site deployment and

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