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Syrius Robotics Sets Up AMR Showcase at DHL Asia Pacific Innovation Center


Syrius Robotics, a warehousing Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) solution provider, announced its collaboration with DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation to showcase two FlexComet robots in the DHL Asia Pacific Innovation Center in Singapore, and to better serve its business partners based in Asia through joint innovation. Customers of DHL and Syrius Robotics can experience first-hand demonstrations from AMR deployment to human-robot collaboration with the help of the robots.


As forecasted by Statista, Asian e-commerce revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CARG) of 6.95% within the next 5 years, leading to a projected market volume of $2.12 trillion by 2025. With business in China, Japan and South Korea still going strong and the Southeast Asian market booming rapidly, the development of commodity circulation imposes higher requirements for warehousing and logistics. Therefore, Asia has become a hub for warehousing and logistics technology innovation.

With self-developed autonomous mobile robots and IoT cloud service, Syrius specializes in boosting e-commerce and retail fulfillment by facilitating scalable, flexible and intelligent warehouse operation. Adopting Syrius solution, AMR deployment normally takes 2 to 24 hours with no changes to warehouse layout, while the intuitive UI enables associates to get started without heavy training, warehouse productivity can be scaled up and down dynamically. 

To cope with travel restrictions caused by COVID-19, Syrius had launched a remote deployment service which was applied successfully at logistics sites across the globe, including the DHL Asia Pacific Innovation Center. Through backend operation and real-time communication, Syrius engineers assist oversea customers to complete the whole deployment process from plotting, configuration to testing. Even without any professional experience, customers would have little trouble deploying the robots.


"DHL places a large focus on customer-centric innovations, which echoes our mission at Syrius. We look forward to stimulating creativity with this partnership, and bring the value of new technologies to more businesses,” says Adam Jiang, founder and CEO of Syrius Robotics.

Having previously operated mainly in Japan, Syrius works with customers including the country’s largest e-commerce platform. Since 2021, the company has established OpenLabs in Hong Kong and Singapore, strengthening ties with partners in other Asian regions. Last year, Syrius also joint forces with the Advanced Institute of Information Technology of Peking University to establish an Intelligent Robotics Lab exploring next-gen AMR technologies.

Founded in 2018, Syrius has offices in Beijing, Shenzhen and Tokyo. The company completed A+ round financing led by Sequoia Capital China in 2020.

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