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Current Operations Giving You Headaches?


Unexpected demand spikes


 Fulfillment race


Accuracy headaches


Labor shortage and training cost

Intelligent Warehousing Solution


Robots in the field

  • AMR-guided operation: Using customized software for e-commerce warehousing, robots will guide, supervise and check employees' operation at every step, ensuring maximum accuracy.

  • AMR-assisted picking: Delivery efficiency up by 2-3 times with robots joining the team. AMRs take care of task routing and freighting, employees no longer have to walk through the entire warehouse. 

  • Versatility: AMRs can support various workflows from order picking (pick-while-sort), total picking to put-away.

  • Random storage: No more worrying about memorizing storage locations because it's taken care of by the robots, generating significant improvement in inventory turnover and space utilization. 

  • Double transaction: Inbound and outbound operations can be conducted simultaneously.


Implementation and scaling

  • End-to-end solution implemented within 2 weeks.

  • Fits into existing layout and racks easily (AMRs can work in narrow aisles), with no interruption during deployment. Even if the warehouse is relocated or racks are rearranged, AMRs can join the workforce after simple configuration. 

  • User-friendly UI and software design, anyone can get started with 10-min training. 

  • System ensures effortless scaling, robots are "at your service" almost right out of the box, with no need for complicated configuration, coding, or setup. Subscription-based RaaS program is also provided for immediate productivity boost without massive infrastructure investment.

Operational Intelligence in the cloud

  • Live dashboard for overseeing warehouse operation, from progress, efficiency to heat maps. 

  • Actionable insights generated by AI analysis, including dynamic stock replenishment plans and inventory location optimization. 


Fulfillment Center of Japanese E-Commerce Giant

  • 30 AMRs deployed in a 1200m² warehouse area

  • From 0 to automated in less than 1 month

  • 2x delivery efficiency within 3 months of deployment

  • 3x picking efficiency within 3 months of deployment

  • Saved 50% of storage space

“ As a third-party logistics service provider, we change warehouse layout and storage location frequently, making it very difficult for us to deploy automation systems like AGV. While the AMR solution is very flexible, with simple system integration and data visualization.”

—— Executive Chairman at Kantsu Co. Ltd

“ I was a bit worried about human-robot collaboration at first, but it turns out the AMRs are extremely user friendly. What impressed me the most is how they have unique strengths comparing to humans and can work autonomously. ”

—— Akihiro Kawai, Head of Rakuten BU at Kantsu Co. Ltd

“ The robots are so easy to work with, and the whole collaboration is very smooth.”

——Rin Okamoto, Picker at Rakuten BU at Kantsu Co. Ltd


Unleash the Potential of your Warehouse





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Account of FlexGalaxy Intelligent Warehouse System

FlexComet AMRs up to 4 units


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