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From Today On, Subscribe Your Warehouse Robots on Demand!

January 27 , 2021

Syrius launched a brand new picking-assistant logistics AMR for B2C warehousing, only available in subscription-based RaaS program. Instead of purchasing the robots, customers can now enjoy Syrius’ AMR solution as a on-demand service which includes robots, software, data intelligence, engineering support and fulfillment center operation. The RaaS-only AMR FlexSwift recently made its debut at RoboDEX 2021 in Japan.


Although AMR's commercial value has been recognized across the world with increasing number of implementation, for small to medium-sized businesses, it is still difficult to cross the entry barriers. Robots are too expensive? What about the unpredictable maintenance cost? What if it’s incompatible with the existing business processes or it doesn't work well? How to choose from so many different solutions?

In order to smash down such barriers, Syrius introduces the subscription-based "RaaS membership", a packing service covering customers’ journey with AMRs from POC, solution customization, implementation and deployment, maintenance and updates to fulfillment center operation. Customers can also switch subscription plans smoothly according to fluctuating demands. This not only makes AMRs more accessible for smaller businesses, but also enables more flexible and dynamic scaling.

Before launching the program, Syrius has worked with partners such as Mitsubishi Corporation for nearly one year, engaging deeply in B2C warehousing operation in order to craft the service into a “perfect fit” for customers. 

While putting an emphasize on service, Syrius also kept technology innovations. The new generation of picking assistant logistics AMR FlexSwift was unveiled at RoboDEX 2021. With Syrius' leading technologies in autonomous navigation, obstacle avoidance and path planning, FlexSwift can achieve smarter human-robot collaboration. Instead of simply following warehouse associates, the robots bring the work to them, generating outstanding productivity boost.


This "super employee" has a standard load of 50kg and maximum speed of 2m/s. Equipped with adjustable trays and trailers, FlexSwift can carry various types of containers, even small household appliances like mini refrigerators. Changeable batteries allow the robots to work uninterruptedly for long hours.

System integration and implementation speed have also been upgraded. Using uniform API interface and SDK, Syrius’ FlexGalaxy IoT Cloud Platform  integrate with your WMS, MES or ERP swiftly, providing fleet management and data intelligence for real-time optimization. Robots can be easily adapted and customized to fit various workflows from picking-up to put-away. The implementation process takes 14 days in average, on-site deployment can be done in as little as 2 hours without interrupting warehouse operations.

"The on-demand subscription business coheres Syrius' innovations and knowledge gained from practical customer service experience. We are dedicated to bring the value of smart automation to more business", says Syrius CEO Adam Jiang. Founded in 2018, Syrius has offices and OpenLabs in Beijing, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Tokyo to collaborate with Asia-Pacific partners.

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