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Robots on the ground, operational intelligence in the cloud —Syrius Robotics brings to life future productivity using AMR (autonomous mobile robot) and AI technologies. We are dedicated to empowering the AMR ecosystem with self-developed operational system, software platform and AIoT cloud service.


Since launching our first logistics AMR in 2018, Syrius has worked with fulfillment centers and warehouses across the globe, serving leading e-commerce, retail giants and logistics companies with the most flexible automation solution. Beyond the logistics industry, our solution is also landing quickly landing into other commercial businesses.


Team Syrius is formed by innovators from all around the world. Adam Jiang, founder and CEO of Syrius Robotics, was the leader at Google X’s Project Tango, while other leadership team members were former senior executives from Google, Nvidia, Alibaba, Amazon, Huawei, and DJI Technology.


August 2021, Syrius announced an over $20M Series B financing led by ByteDance. in December of 2020, we are listed in The Information’s The 50 Most Promising Startups 2020 (China Section).


If you’re interested in meeting us in person, we have offices and OpenLabs in Beijing, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore.

Key Milestones

May 2018

July 2018

Syrius was established

Completed the angel-round financing led by Future Capital

November 2018

Launched first AMR product FlexComet with Nvidia and

January 2019

Completed A-round financing led by ZhenFund

June 2019

FlexComet launched in Japan

November 2019

Established AMR OpenLab with Mitsubishi Corporation

January 2020

Syrius founded a subsidiary in Japan

May 2020 

Completed A+ round financing led by Sequoia Capital

May 2020

Landed in logistics centers across multiple markets in Asia and Europe

June 2020

Launched RaaS (Robot as a service) program

October 2020

Strategic cooperation with AITT, Peking University to establish Intelligent Robotics Lab

December 2020

Listed in The Information’s The 50 Most Promising Startups 2020  (China Section)

December 2020

Recognized as China's National High-tech Enterprise

January 2021

Launched RaaS-only AMR FlexComet

January 2021

May 2021

OpenLab landed in Hong Kong

Partnered with DHL , set up AMR showcase in Singapore


Completed B round financing led by ByteDance



Adam Jiang

Co-founder and CEO

Adam was the leader at Google X’s Project Tango, before founding Syrius, he served key positions at companies including Motorola and NVIDIA. He is also an expert in VSLAM and navigation, GPU, parallel computing, operation system and machine learning.


Xuan Luo

Co-founder and GM

Having worked at Alibaba, Tencent and Cheetah Mobile, Xuan has solid experience in product management and IoT infrustructure, building the fundmental of our products.


Jim Liu

Co-founder and Chief Scientist

Jim is always in the frontier of Computer Vision and AI technologies. He is former research scientist in Queensland University of Technology. Now, he is leading the team to approach new summits in both research and engineering practice.


Kunlin Yu

Co-founder and VP of R&D

As the founding CTO of PUDUTECH, Kunlin has years of experience in robotics algorithm and operation system. Graduated from  University of Science and Technology of China, Kunlin has won awards in multiple international robotics competition.


Jessamine Wu

General Manager

Jessamine has worked over 10 years in supply chain and supplier management. She is now in charge for manufacturing and continue to contribute to our customers by maintaining a reliable inventory of robots.


Grace Nie

GM of Syrius Japan Subsidiary

Because of her experience of developing the Japanese market from zero to 50 million RMB annual sales, Grace is trustful to be responsible to our customers in Japan. Now, she has set up our subsidiary in Tokyo independently and directed several successful projects.

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